Andy Michael – “Revisited” (@andysmucico @drjimmystarr)

Andy Michael – “Revisited” (@andysmucico @drjimmystarr)

Review : Andy Michaels “Revisited” by M. Lezjuande

Though Andy Michaels belongs in the adult contemporary genre by society’s standards, his
newest album, Revisited, released on February 8 th of this year, expands beyond this genre. Every
melodious song on this album is beautifully unique in its distinctiveness. They are practically
separate worlds that are defined with messages that everyone, even children, can walk away
from. Forget about the messages being of the mature or X-rated nature because that couldn’t be
farther from the truth. Instead, these messages deal with everything from a better “tomorrow” to
appreciation to love to grief and loss. These defined messages are just one aspect that makes this
album phenomenal. The second aspect has everything to do with Michaels’s indirectness…and

Michaels has the ability to make his songs about particular subjects…without being direct. For
example, consider Where are you Now, one of his personally written masterpieces. Judging from
the lyrics, it’s apparent that Michaels is referring to a child, perhaps his child, that he lost due to
death. But, on the other side, he could be referring to a child that someone close to him has lost.
This analysis alone is what makes this song emotionally mysterious. In other words, the song’s
meaning would be left to the listener’s mind’s imagination.

In addition to Michaels’s incredible indirectness, he also has a way with poetry and using it to its
advantage. Take, for example, Home, which tells the story of what home means to him, both
figuratively and personally. Though there was more than one aspect utilized in this song, the
“metaphorical” aspect is what made it epic. It’s very rare for a songwriter to compare the “home”
to what “sea” is like, hence the lyric: “Home is where the sea is calling me.” This is perhaps the
one song, in which Michaels becomes direct about the message he’s conveying…but direct in a
peculiar manner. As mentioned before, Michaels indirectness is what makes this album
phenomenal. But, it’s also his subtle directness in songs, like Home, that gives this album the
touch of magic that it deserves.

The great thing about this album is Michaels’s utilization of style versatility. It’s borderline impossible
to fit Michaels in one genre because he doesn’t belong in one genre, especially not in the adult
contemporary genre. In other words, Michaels utilizes (and combines) styles of soft rock
(acoustics), subtle pop and gospel, and international sounds. What’s meant by international
sounds? Well, take Back to Me, for example. This is one of the album’s most memorable songs,
due to its Egyptian and Asian combined sounds. It’s enough to make any listener forget that they
are listening to an album that society limits to one genre strictly because of it. For an artist like

Michaels, that’s something to be proud of.

Overall, Revisited is one of 2018’s must-hear indie albums. As an all-around music fanatic,
you’ll want to “revisit” it time and time again.

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