Nardwuar’s Lil Pump Interview Might Be His Shortest and Looniest Yet

Nardwuar’s Lil Pump Interview Might Be His Shortest and Looniest Yet

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is known for being a shining ball of positive enthusiasm, catching his sometimes surly interview subjects off guard. At long last, Nardwuar has met his match in Lil Pump, Soundcloud avatar for the fuck-the-world youth of today. What’s most remarkable about this recent interview, conducted at Vancouver’s Breakout Music Festival, isn’t that Nardwuar and Pump engage in a war of increasingly loud “ESKEEETIT”s or that Nardwuar looks completely blitzed. It’s the brevity of the whole thing, which is truly in the spirit of Lil Pump’s “get in and get out” music.

The interview clocks in at four minutes and twenty-nine seconds, but the entire last minute is taken up by Nardwuar performing one of his patented full-body freezes. Our actual interview time is closer to 3:31, longer than any recorded Lil Pump song but shorter than probably nearly all of Nardwuar’s other interviews. It’s a perfect synthesis of subject and form: quick, high-energy, quite stupid, and impossibly fun, as exemplified by this excerpt:

Nardwuar: Why should people care about Lil Pump?

Lil Pump: Because how much Lil Pumps can it take for a Lil Pump to Lil Pump? Lil Pump.

Art. Watch the whole interview above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.