Welcome to XLR8R+

Welcome to XLR8R+

Tracks by Vril, SIT, and Huxley Anne, plus a dedicated zine, artwork, and ad-free browsing.

Welcome to the first edition of XLR8R+, and thank you all for joining us on this independent movement. Your contribution will help XLR8R continue to support and promote emerging artists and exciting, forward-thinking music.

Selecting the producers with which to launch the XLR8R+ series was not a decision we took lightly. It was important that each artist had previously appeared on the XLR8R pages in some capacity, and we wished to prioritize diversity without sacrificing cohesion; XLR8R has long covered a wide remit of musical aesthetics and we recognized the importance of reflecting this in our selections. But perhaps most important was quality and ethos: Vril, Huxley Anne, and SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia) have all established themselves as leaders in their respective sub-genres without ever conforming to meet commercial expectations.

This is just the beginning of this new initiative. As such, it’s the first piece of a bigger puzzle, one that prioritizes authenticity over the enduring demands of advertisers. No longer should it be possible to buy yourself a seat at the table.

We thank you for joining our independent movement.

Enjoy the music.

XLR8R Team

Follow the WeTransfer link below to download the first edition of XLR8R+

(Due to temporary GDPR restrictions, EU readers can download the first edition here.)