Narrow Plains S/T Review (@narrowplains @drjimmystarr)

Narrow Plains S/T Review (@narrowplains @drjimmystarr)

Narrow Plains S/T by MieKayla Lezjuande


As a rock fanatic, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a rock album that just made me want to dance.
Yep, you read that right: the self-titled album of Narrow Plains released by the Spectra Music
Group actually makes me want to dance. Any other time, a rock album (or even just a rock song)
makes me want to just listen and sing along. But, Narrow Plains? Yeah, their album is a real
gem. Matter of fact, this is the first rock album that I can truly say is light-hearted, which is not
something you find much of nowadays.

Now, if I’m going to be honest, the description of Charlie Ferriday’s voice deserves its own
paragraph. But, then again, Why? Simply put: his voice is DISTINCT! It’s so distinct in a weird
kind of way…but, a positively weird kind of way. His voice is literally so haunting that it draws
you to want to keep listening to the album, even when you want to take a break from it and get
busy with something else. Actually, his voice is haunting AND inviting. It’s kind of like coming
across a haunted house that you know you’re not supposed to be in. But, you go into it anyway
because something about it looks so darn inviting. That’s just how different his voice is.
Perhaps the one song I think anybody listening to this album should pay attention to is Ghost.
Why? Simple: everyone needs a guide or a guardian angel…or a best friend, especially to
confide in. To be honest, I think that song needed to be on the album twice because every once in
a while, everyone needs that reminder that they’re never alone, even if it looks like it. Now, I
don’t intend to be the bearer of bad news, but no one likes to go through life’s hardships. The
biggest reason is because hardships tend to drain people…sometimes alive if they’re not careful.
Another reason can be due to the sense of loneliness and feeling like people are on your every
back. But, though it may appear as on the inside looking out, that’s never really the case on the
outside looking in. Yes, there are some cases, whereas people appear to be trust-worthy…only to
find out that they’re the complete opposite. However, not everyone is like so. As a music fanatic
and as someone who’s seen quite enough of life’s tactics, Ghost is very relatable. Matter of fact,
Ghost can be a philosophy of life. Did I mention that Ghost is like a lullaby? I can stress enough
how much I LOVE rock lullabies.

Please do yourselves a favor and give a listen to Narrow Plains. I can promise you you’re going
to end up listening to it for a whole day straight.

4/5 stars

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