Let’s Eat Grandma’s Album Sounds Like Emotion and Tech Colliding

Let’s Eat Grandma’s Album Sounds Like Emotion and Tech Colliding

Back in April, you may remember us mentioning how Let’s Eat Grandma have undertaken an evolution of sorts. The teen duo have always been good—2016’s debut album I, Gemini is proof enough of that—but they’ve more fully realized their sound lately. Their second album feels subversive, weird, and elastic, a stamp on pop that could only be theirs. And now you can hear for yourself because I’m All Ears is out today, via Transgressive Records.

With co-production from David Wrench (Frank Ocean, The XX, FKA Twigs), Faris Badwan of The Horrors and SOPHIE (who herself has just released one of the most astonishing records of the year so far), this is an album with a multitude of layers to climb inside. From the intense, extraterrestrial synth crashes of “Hot Pink” to the glossy, 80s-style choruses in “Snakes & Ladders” to “Falling Into Me,” which was out earlier this year, and which basically feels like three pristine pop songs melted then moulded together to form a super song, I’m All Ears sounds like a miasma of emotions colliding with a sprawl of technology, topped off with the glittering energy of youth.

“There are a lot more layers to our tracks now, because we don’t have to focus solely on what we can physically play,” Rosa Walton—one half of the duo, alongside Jenny Hollingworth—told us when we interviewed the band. In other words, this is what happens when two young musicians grow into themselves, expand their creative universe even further, and then run with it.

Take a listen below:

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