Podcast 559: Volruptus

Podcast 559: Volruptus

Wonky light-speed beats from a mysterious figure.

Who is Volruptus? Writing an introduction to one of techno’s most mysterious figures is no easy feat; it’s almost impossible to find any information on him—so let’s compile and present what we can determine. 

Volruptus is from Iceland and started making music aged 14 using Garageband, initially just for fun: “[we’d] use the silliest combination of loops that came with it and record our voices and manipulate them in funny ways,” Volruptus said in a rare interview. “Later I realized that I could sample tunes from my iTunes library and make beats” — and then came Ableton live. His early music was hip-hop-focused, inspired by the documentary Scratch—”I wanted to be a DMC world champion at scratching”—but the Volruptus sound quickly progressed to that of today, combining the mutant techno-futurism of Underground Resistance, the warped melodies of Rephlex, and the high BPMs of Miami bass and Detroit electro. 

Volruptus is now based in Berlin, and been for just over three years. He makes music using a modest modular synthesizer, a Bellari tube compressor, and an ART graphic EQ, plus some VST software synths and the Ableton sampler. The name first appeared in 2016 via digital label Sweaty Records but Volrutpus has since become a central figure on Bjarki’s bbbbbb and Nina Kraviz’ трип, releasing via the labels and playing live at the label showcases. Volruptus recently performed at Sónar Reykjavík and will soon return to bbbbbb with Alien Agenda, another EP of breakneck techno and acid-drenched basslines with underlying sci-fi messaging. And that’s really all there is to say. 

Volruptus’ podcast is typical Volruptus. Filled with weird, warped out, and futuristic, bassy cuts, you don’t really expect it to work but it really does. All tracks come from Volruptus’ close network of artist friends. “I wanted to promote music that my friends make,” he explains. 

What have you been up to recently?

Making tunes and playing gigs.
 But also just partying, hanging out, and playing games and stuff

Can you briefly talk to me about your journey into music?

Well, it all started when I crashed my ship on Earth. Electronic music here is in a way similar to what we have on Oxblob, but I really like Earth style, so I guess it was something I could relate to.

How did you become involved with Nina and Bjarki? 

My friend and the amazing DJ Árni was sending Bjarki my tracks, and then played some of them out in a bus on the way to one of the Trip parties that were held in Iceland. 

When and where was this mix recorded?

In my room, like a week or two ago. 

Did you have a specific idea you wanted to convey? 

I wanted to promote music that my friends make. 

How did you choose the specific tracks that you included? 

It’s just tunes from my friends who I think are really fucking good, while keeping a certain flow of vibe and emotion or something

What else is on the horizon? 

I guess I’ll stay on earth, invite some friends over from Oxblob to join the party. 
Make more tunes and play more gigs and also do more partying, hanging out, and playing games and stuff. Also, watch out for Sweaty Records.

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01. Jadzia “Saatana Perkele”

02. Odo & Quark “Majdica”

03. Odo & Quark “Holodeck”

04. Volruptus “KAR+ STRONK”

05. Kuldaboli & Volruptus “Night Vision”

06. A.l.l.s.k.y.n.z. “Spaceflite”

07. Odo & Quark “Sólgleraugu”

08. A.l.l.s.k.y.n.z. “Castle Jit”

09. Dj Snar “Do U Want 2”

10. Kosmodod “?”

11. ThizOne “Ectognatha”

12. Helgi “e02.02.18”

13. Dj Sharpnel “Torinouta” (Noise-Rave-Remix)