DMX’s House Up For Shortsale As Rap Star Works To Pay Down $1.7 IRS Tax Bill

DMX is working hard to clear his financial slate after serving a year in prison for tax evasion., (AllHipHop News) DMX may be freed from prison, but he still facing some financial challenges., The rapper was released from prison in January of 2019, after serving 12 months for deliberately hiding over $1.7  million dollars in income from the IRS., The terms of his release state that he must pay back over x million to Uncle Sam., So it shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone that the rappers house in Mount Kisco, NY [is being listed for a short sale.(, DMX and his ex-wife Tashera Simmons purchased the crib in 2000 for $649,000., But the property was listed as an asset to creditors who were attempting to collect money after DMX filed for bankruptcy in 2013., , According to reports, the house is going to be listed for sale at a discount, in order to satisfy part of his $1.7 million dollar tax bill., , It’s unfortunate that DMX could lose the property, but at least two knock a significant portion of his debt to the IRS down., Life after jail.. I hope he gets over it, , 40.3K, 86