Amanda Palmer Interview

Music News 360° attended the Bandcamp in store concert and record signing with Amanda Palmer, when to our surprise, Amanda broke script and went into an impromptu Q&A session. We quickly pulled out our recorder and captured the ensuing conversation between Amanda and her audience. Listen to hear Amanda discuss her self care routines, healing her relationship with the piano, and the power of humanizing her audience.

Show Notes

(0:00) Using the Ukulele as a chord tool

(3:45) How song ideas come

(7:55) Do you believe in an afterlife?

(10:00) Healing her relationship with the piano

(13:10) What kind of self care do you practice?

(17:30) Meeting her audience after shows

(23:00) Children’s song on the Ukulele

(26:15) What song is the hardest for you to perform?

(31:30) Which of your songs make you cry?