Review from . As rock & roll gets older – really as any medium of art gets older – the questions start amassing about where there is left to explore once more and more corners of a once dimly lit room are illuminated. What once seemed unlimited is nowRead More →

Review from . Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Bradford Cox is such a controversial, divisive figure in the indie world. Easy to forget, that is, if you stay away from blogs, and just listen to the music. He’s opinionated, to be sure, isn’t afraid of scorn and posts TONS ofRead More →

Review from . This version of Small Black’s debut EP is a remastered update of the original that popped up online last year, now outfitted with two additional tracks. Originally a bedroom duo consisting of Ryan Heyner and Josh Kolenik, Small Black added two new members (including contributorsRead More →

Review from . Luke Temple’s first foray into pseudonymical songwriting territory feels as current as did Snowbeast and Hold a Match for a Gasoline World , his prior two records released under his given name. But where those albums– banjo-centric and cast with Temple’s delicately high-pitched voice– situated him firmly in the realmRead More →

Review from . Texas-born Jana Hunter, the talented freak-folk guitarist and singer, was the first artist to release an album on Devendra Banhart and Vetiver frontman Andy Cabic’s label Gnomonsong. In all she’s put out two full-length albums, one EP, and a split with Banhart, alongside contributions to otherRead More →

Review from . Ava Luna’s music collection could be worse. The Brooklyn five-piece excel at taste-splicing in an era when nothing is new and combining old sounds and styles to create something fleetingly unique is the go-to modus operandi. The New York post-punk and no wave of ESG, JamesRead More →

Album Review: Braids – Native Speaker My first introduction to the Montreal-based quartet Braids went something like this: “Have you heard Braids? They sound like Animal Collective fronted by a woman.” Love or hate them, Animal Collective has been one of the quintessential bands to emerge over the past decade, with eight albumsRead More →