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A Self Starting Yorkshire Crooner with a passion for live music…

Born in the 80′s I grew up with the sounds of my dads cars tape collection which consisted of glittering prize by the simple minds through to Sting. At the weekend I would sit at my grandads and go through his old vinyl with Glenn Miller and Matt Monroe.
Through my early 20′s I tried to be cool and follow the radio but soon realised that the public still loved that warm sound of the big band and i was too romantic to be cool.
Through many years of live work and my side jobs in sales, marketing and now my own building company I saved enough money to record what I do onto tape in what was a fantastic experience.
Reprise of Swing was born out of my love for big band and classic songwriting bringing the two together through my arrangements often penned in the middle of the night.
Still a live musician at the weekend I’m currently waiting for that big chance to share my music with you all on a wider scale.
As an unsigned artist I’ve managed to achieved support from BBC Radio including support on Radio2 from Steve Wright, Paul o Grady and Clare Teal and have even been acknowledged by Diane Warren in LA and many of the Industrys real people.
I sent my album Diane and she wrote back saying ‘Cool Album, you should do some of my songs on your next album.
As you can imagine I was over the moon at this and have since been to see Diane who has given me 2 songs to work on which are incredible.
2015 was simply a year about family, I was married in May and we had our baby daughter Reeva Rae in August and decided to renovate an old victorian house which has taken over my life but will be worth it in the end and the perfect family home.
Amongst all this I managed to stay live as I’d go mad without it, its just something I must do to keep me balanced in life. I can’t imaging a world without music and my main aim is longevity to be doing this for years to come.