Built to win; I put my life on the line, I bleed at the pen”

Introducing Big Inf, short for Infinite but far from short, Inf is equally as large in personality as that in stature, you can’t help but look up to him. Proclaiming, “the moral of the story is this: haters got a job to do, and I’m it” Inf offers work to those in need in a time when good music is hard to find.

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, upon hearing his first rap record, it was love at first listen. At a time when hip hop was still young, fresh and new he began DJing. Initially Inf began blending his father’s soul records with hip hop instrumentals purchased from the local record stores that his pocket change had become so familiar with. Now, amongst a neighbourhood following and growing demand, his freestyle mixes suddenly became valued. Spinning heads as well as records, before he knew it, Inf found himself hosting block parties, school dances, talent shows and as he proclaims “wherever there were people and music…so was I.”

Naturally, Inf’s appetite to be heard himself grew with his fan base. Politely asking destiny to take a backseat, taking creative control to a whole new level, he invited the microphone into the mix and before long, Inf became a unique and seasoned MC.

With an already recognized reputation it wasn’t long before he cleared the airways, landing gigs with major artists at New York’s Hot97’s critically acclaimed Summer Jam, an annual concert featuring the most popular acts that hip hop and R&B has to offer. There after followed an even stronger desire to make his music heard by the masses. Inf introduced the Ivy League mixtape series hosted by none other than Foxx from M.O.P., the legendary rap group. Soon after his affiliation with 50 Cent’s G-Unit, his name on the mixtape scene quickly grew. His mixtapes were hosted by a number of hip hop heavyweights which included Cam’Ron, Mobb Deep, The Game, Freeway and others.

Remaining true and loyal, that in which he plans to bring back to a game so saturated in politics, Inf returned to the roots in which he had blossomed from and hosted a series of mixtapes with M.O.P. called “All Out War,” ironically titled considering his emergence from the trenches and rapid fire approach. With an army manned of faithful vets accumulated along the way, Inf found himself locked and loaded with an arsenal of exclusive, unreleased material. Flooding urban listening sites abroad, hip hop heads were soaking it up; and his Justo mixtape nomination is proof of this.

Appearing on the M.O.P.’s Koch release, “Salutes The St. Marxsman,” receiving rave reviews as well as a slot on the Anger Management Tour, responsible for a music hungry crowd of 50 to 60 thousand people; Inf was becoming a name known to the world.

Equipped with the experience and exposure, maintaining a “fan first” stance as asked when interviewed, Big Inf promises Better Dayz Ahead, fittingly his debut title. So hip hop and music fans alike don’t just look up; look out!