Electro-pop with a flair of DIY Punk attitude, @RichAucoin travels the globe preaching the power of now and the joy of community. With confetti cannons and a technicolor parachute, Rich Aucoin engulfs even the most cynical with an irresistible presence and a playful affirmation of life. On March 16, RichRead More →

@TheCrowleysBand are four good boys that enjoy looking for an Old Milwaukee Ice sponsorship, playing D&D in the van between gigs, and writing love songs. @MusicNews360 caught up with The Crowleys from their dungeon-like lair in Hamilton, Ontario. We mused about pugs, cabin fever, fusilli, and the color pink. Below are excerpts from our conversation.Read More →

@FalconJaneMusic (Sara May) is the front-woman in the plez-rock band, Falcon Jane. She makes music that is inspired by nature, truth, peace, and magic! @MusicNews360 caught up with Sara on the tennis court, practicing her swing for the release of the third full-length record, “Feelin’ Freaky”. Below are excerpts from our, dareRead More →

We just dropped a video for the latest single taken from our forthcoming debut album, The Cause & The Cure. “Guilt Trip” is available now for you to watch, stream, and share on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. “Guilt Trip” is a song about regret and isolation – a cautionary taleRead More →

I’m Miesha Louie – guitarist and vocalist of Calgary’s garage-rock duo Miesha & The Spanks. We’ve been touring Canada pretty non-stop over the last decade, sharing the stage with DFA 1979, C’mon, Pack AD- even Queens Of The Stone Age. Our new record Girls Girls Girls is coming out thisRead More →

Writing GIAR (Give it a Rest) was really a weird experience. I was feeling some crazy burnout after the last tour, I didn’t know if I’d ever write a song again. I was working nights, so I was getting home at like 4am after long hours in a loud, highRead More →

We’re CROATIA – a synth-pop group from Victoria, British Columbia. Taking heavy influence from the revolutionary sounds of 80’s era pop and electronic groups, we aim to create our own meaningful – and at times darker – alternative to conventional pop music. We’re excited to share with you the videoRead More →

 I’m pleased to share my new single “Passion Soda” with you today, available to stream on SoundCloud/Spotify now.  It’s been almost two years since my debut single “Vanilla Ways” was born into the world, hitting #5 on the Spotify Viral Charts before I could even really wrap my head aroundRead More →

https://soundcloud.com/falconjane/go-with-the-flow-1  My name is Sara May and I’m the front-woman in the plez-rock band, Falcon Jane. We’re from Orangeville, ON and make music that is inspired by nature, truth, peace and magic! (and life n death n whatever else). Last year we had a good ol’ time touring Eastern Canada,Read More →

My sophomore record Deserts is set for release on March 23, and I’m very excited to share the video for it’s second single with you today. I hope that “Help Is Needed” speaks for itself. Thinking about the major struggles that the human race is facing only reinforces my beliefRead More →