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The Texas-based duo of Anthony Farrell and Andrew Trube were steady members of JJ Grey & Mofro, before focusing on their own eclectic funk and soul outfit Greyhounds, whose third album, Change of Pace, couldn’t have a better title. In what tends to sound like at least two albums stitched together, Pace displays the duo’s ability to expertly mesh Farrell’s rich keyboards with Trube’s blues-fueled guitar, while, at the same time, switching from the former’s deep, soulful vocals to the latter’s more straightforward, mid-range singing style, with each song bringing another facet to the group’s sonic texture. The album opens with “Devil’s Eyes,” a funky, percussive tune sung by Trube that is quickly contrasted by Farrell’s “Walls,” a Bill Withers-meets-Marvin Gaye public service announcement tune. Tracks like that one and “Before BP (The War Is on for Your Mind)” reinforce this socially conscious streak in the group, with Farrell delivering lyrics like “The ass and the elephant have become irrelevant/ The dollar’s the only vote that counts.” It’s not all seriousness with these guys, though, as illustrated by the following song, “Late Night Slice,” which seems to be Trube’s tongue-in-cheek attempt at semi-comedic romancing.