The early days of bonding over music in high school has lead to nearly a decade of pursuing music collectively under the name The Crowleys.

We’ve called our new EP ‘Colours Change Their Tones’ and today we release it into the world!

You can hear for the first time now on Soundcloud

Our focus track ‘Pink Rainbows’ is also on Spotify

The title comes from a corny little line in Midnight Blue, “The colours change their tone when I hear her on the phone”. It’s about how a significant person or event can change how you perceive everything around you. Small or dull things that you never notice are suddenly bright and very much in the foreground. Or like a character in a film that falls upon tough times and has literal storm clouds roll overhead.  Related to that is how terrifying it is that sudden and small things or occurrences – in the grand scheme of your life – can have huge impacts.

As opposed to our earlier songs, all of which were written in our basements, we took the songwriting practice above ground to Threshold Recording Studio. We wrote songs with the studio in mind and collaborated with our sensei and friend Michael Keire at Threshold to make them happen. We believe this change of scenery and method for writing has made an improvement on our work. We are excited to continue working like this in the future and to bring these songs to our live shows.

Thanks for checking it out and we appreciate all the support so far!

The Crowleys