Ali Jacko: The Working Man’s Musician  by Eileen Shapiro

After becoming the first Asian to win British, European, Intercontinental and The World Full-Contact Kickboxing championships, British born Ali Jacko woke up one morning and became a rock star sensation. “I had never even sung, even in the bathroom before. My own family cannot believe I can sing. I don’t blame them as I still don’t believe I can sing myself, I’m going to wake up from this dream I am having”.

Ali Jacko can sing….and he has written some of the most emotional and passionate romantic, heart felt love songs, as well as powerful anthemic, message revealing, and thought provoking expressions of today. Pouring his soul into his compositions, Ali Jacko is creating a buzz globally, having his kaleidoscope of tunes featured in films, gaining a huge YouTube audience who loves what he is doing. 

I spoke in depth with the English born anomaly regarding his compelling music and his intentions for the future. His audacious air of confidence and positive energetic spirit causes him to delve deeply into anything he tries, and arise victoriously. The essence of his music and lyrics makes him stand out and be recognized as a special force in the music world…


You’re songs are awesome!

Thank you. Which ones did you like?


There’s not a bad one in the bunch. I love “Working Man”, it’s an anthem. I love the video.

That’s definitely an anthem.


I also am in love with the song that you wrote for your daughters, “You are the Reason”

Both of the girls in the video are my daughters. They’re my actual daughters.


When will your new album come out?

Basically I’m releasing a song every month all the way to November. December I’m going to have a break…..I think I deserve a break….so come January or February I’ll release all the songs I’ve released into an album. So it’s 11 songs, plus I’m going to have 3 other songs added to the album. A total of 14 or 15 songs. It’s going to be called, “Love Rocks”. 


You also are involved in lots of sports? And then you’ve decided to sing, what’s that about?

I’ve done sports all my life. It’s just one of those things that happened. Whatever I do I put 100% into it. I believe in it. I believe in my songs, I believe in my lyrics. Most of my lyrics relate to my life and are inspired by myself. All the songs are a true story. 


For example what was your motivation for “Working Man”?

I’m just trying to find different angles of my life that I can expose in the form of music in order for people to see and relate to. “Working Man” is a song that everyone can relate to. Men can relate to it, the women, the family can actually appreciate it. When a man goes into work he works for his family. The video shows this one person, but in three minutes you can only show so much. 

Have you seen the video of the song, “What If I Loved You Like That?”

Yes I did. That’s a great song as well.

All of my songs I’m very attached to. I’ve put a lot of work into them. Even the ones I’m releasing I believe you’re going to like. Similar kind of influence, similar kind of stories….different melodies, different hook lines…all of my songs have a story. 


Where are you from?

I’m from East London. I live in Stratford, where the Olympics were. My parents are from Bangladesh. My father was the first generation in the UK, I’m the second generation. I was born British. I’m definitely British. Through my fighting all my life I represented England. I won the world championship five times. I’ve only lost one fight and that was due to a cut. Then I beat the guy again next fight.


You were a champion kick-boxer speaking of the Olympics?

I was a kick-boxer, yeah.


What do you want to do with your music?

Well, I want to win a Grammy. That’s what I want to do. My background is Asian. My parents are from Bangladesh. I was born and brought up in the U.K. …so I want to be the first Asian singer to win a Grammy. That’s my mission. I’m still writing, I work with some really good producers…I’ve got some really good stuff coming out. 


Do you write all of your songs?

Yeah, I write all of my songs. There’s some collaborating with other writers just to tidy them up and finish them. They’re all directed, technically composed by myself as well. I’m not a musician but obviously I know how I want some melodies, and I want my songs catchy. Even through my videos you can see I put a lot of effort into it in terms of exposing the story and the song.


They are like short films.

Yeah. I’ve only started doing this for the last couple of years. I’ve not been in it for very long.


Do you play any live gigs around London?

I’ve done a couple of gigs, but I’m quite selective what gigs I want to do and what I don’t want to do. I love to do festivals, I’d like to do some decent shows. I’m a solo artist so I don’t perform with the band, I perform with the dancers. I’ve got a group of dancers who work for me. 


Do you plan to go to New York?

I can just picture myself going up on stage and pretending I’m an Indian but-but-ding-ding stuff, and then I start singing rock songs. That’d be crazy, wouldn’t it?


Yes, it would definitely be different. I’m not sure about the crowd you’d get…

It doesn’t really matter, people would remember it. No one’s ever done it. Just make it look like you’re a proper Indian, go to the microphone, speak like an Indian and sing rock songs…To be honest with you, there’s a film releasing in India on the 15th of June, Two days ago they released a trailer of the film. The trailer has hit more than 50 million views. A friend of mine is an actor. He’s using one of my songs called “I Found Love”. That video, I shot it with my wife. She’s French. He’s taken that song and converted part of it into Indian, so it’s Indian and English. That song is basically the main song of the film. I’m hoping to get hundreds of millions of listeners. Not just 1 million, but millions and millions…. his last song received 1.5 billion views. The name of the film is called Race 3. The song is called “Army of Angels”.

Review : Andy Michaels “Revisited” by M. Lezjuande

Though Andy Michaels belongs in the adult contemporary genre by society’s standards, his
newest album, Revisited, released on February 8 th of this year, expands beyond this genre. Every
melodious song on this album is beautifully unique in its distinctiveness. They are practically
separate worlds that are defined with messages that everyone, even children, can walk away
from. Forget about the messages being of the mature or X-rated nature because that couldn’t be
farther from the truth. Instead, these messages deal with everything from a better “tomorrow” to
appreciation to love to grief and loss. These defined messages are just one aspect that makes this
album phenomenal. The second aspect has everything to do with Michaels’s indirectness…and

Michaels has the ability to make his songs about particular subjects…without being direct. For
example, consider Where are you Now, one of his personally written masterpieces. Judging from
the lyrics, it’s apparent that Michaels is referring to a child, perhaps his child, that he lost due to
death. But, on the other side, he could be referring to a child that someone close to him has lost.
This analysis alone is what makes this song emotionally mysterious. In other words, the song’s
meaning would be left to the listener’s mind’s imagination.

In addition to Michaels’s incredible indirectness, he also has a way with poetry and using it to its
advantage. Take, for example, Home, which tells the story of what home means to him, both
figuratively and personally. Though there was more than one aspect utilized in this song, the
“metaphorical” aspect is what made it epic. It’s very rare for a songwriter to compare the “home”
to what “sea” is like, hence the lyric: “Home is where the sea is calling me.” This is perhaps the
one song, in which Michaels becomes direct about the message he’s conveying…but direct in a
peculiar manner. As mentioned before, Michaels indirectness is what makes this album
phenomenal. But, it’s also his subtle directness in songs, like Home, that gives this album the
touch of magic that it deserves.

The great thing about this album is Michaels’s utilization of style versatility. It’s borderline impossible
to fit Michaels in one genre because he doesn’t belong in one genre, especially not in the adult
contemporary genre. In other words, Michaels utilizes (and combines) styles of soft rock
(acoustics), subtle pop and gospel, and international sounds. What’s meant by international
sounds? Well, take Back to Me, for example. This is one of the album’s most memorable songs,
due to its Egyptian and Asian combined sounds. It’s enough to make any listener forget that they
are listening to an album that society limits to one genre strictly because of it. For an artist like

Michaels, that’s something to be proud of.

Overall, Revisited is one of 2018’s must-hear indie albums. As an all-around music fanatic,
you’ll want to “revisit” it time and time again.

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And Youtube videos Where are you Now Angel Just Because You Love Someone White Lies I just Want to be the One