“How you’ll grow / When we put you in the ground / Let the water drown out the cold”


Over the course of 2017 Freedom Baby – initially a Toronto-based bedroom project between Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn – has progressed and evolved, experiencing considerable growth and making the jump from part-time passion project to committed, full-time band. Over 6 months we have developed an ensemble of musicians for both live shows and our debut EP!

Freedom Baby’s music is a mixture of indie rock and orchestral pop. CHECK OUT “When We Go”- LISTEN NOW!

When We Go was the first song that we started working on for the EP, so it felt right to release this single first. It was recorded quickly and everything just kind of fell into place.  We liked the idea of it starting with just one person in a room plucking a ukulele and then slowly introducing the cast of musicians that would remain for the continuation of the EP.  Our EP  tells a story and this song is the first chapter in that story.   

The song is an ode to death and dying; both an acceptance of the loss of loved ones and a hopeful questioning of the ideas of rebirth and existence beyond a physical death but from the perspective of a child. We wanted the instrumental elements to relay this depth of emotion.  The cycle of death and rebirth is often seen as a heavy and philosophical topic, but we felt that it captured our direction in terms of our musical style as well as our personal thoughts and inspiration. Our musical style is experimental and naturally follows this cycle of ending something, only to then see it reborn into something completely new. The song represents an end as well as a beginning, and it was only right as the first song on our EP.