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Kuroma have all the perfect elements for a left-field hit: famous friends (touring partners MGMT, Tame Impala, Tennis), a veteran songwriter (Hank Sullivant, formerly of garage-rockers The Whigs and a live member of MGMT), and expertly crafted songs that run the gamut from slinky yacht-rock (“Passionate People”) to psychedelic power-pop (“Running People”). So how the hell is the quartet’s third album hitting shelves to basically zero fanfare? Kuromarama was produced by MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser—a hipster heartthrob connection that hopefully brings the band some fresh ears. But Sullivant’s melodic prowess stands tall enough on its own—check the funky, propulsive “Evan Mann” or the Carson-Mars chug of “Running People” or the woozy art-rock of closer “Thee Only Child.” Unlike many of their psych-minded peers, Kuroma never hide behind bombastic production techniques or ironic experimentation—even the spiraling guitar solo on “Child” is built around a hummable hook. These guys have spent years as concert openers and sidemen hiding in plain sight. But the secret’s out.

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