Down on his luck, still grieving the recent deaths of his younger brother, grandfather, and his cousin; and missing his daughter that he wasn’t able to be with, Moe J decided to take some advice from his mother. He sat down with his thoughts, a pen, and a blank sheet of paper and began to write. What started out as nothing more than random thoughts to ease his pains of life, the pen began to transform the stars thoughts into some of the coldest and rawest raps ever written. If you really listen to the lyrics in Moe J’s songs, you can actually feel the realness of the demons he was fighting at some of the lowest parts of his life. To all the young dreamers out there, Moe J has some words of advice:
“If you have big dreams, never let them go. Be the next young soul to accomplish the unthinkable.” Moe J.

Single Tittles: The Bomb, Thang 4 U