Music News 360 caught up with Tom Kitty Oliver prior to the release of his first full length album titled,
I feel like I started off this year pretty good. January, the first week, I released two dark trap songs.
'like chillin' in the California sun, enveloped in CANNON OG, Music News 360 crossed paths with underground star Spaceman Zack.
this is honestly the weirdest interview I have ever had in my whole life. special shout out to Kenny Mylennia,
out here playing a roots music feels like we are a long ways away people relate to this music differently
Music News 360 caught up with Liz Cooper ahead of her show at The Chapel in cloudy San Francisco, CA.
Daryl Hance is an artist whose music is steeped in the spirit of blues, funk, soul,  and rock n roll,
Music News 360 caught up with John Craigie between two nights of recording a forthcoming live album in Portland, OR.