JB Boxter Interview

JB Boxter Interview

Music News 360° caught up with JB Boxter ahead of the release of his forthcoming album Shenandoah, scheduled for summer 2019. We discussed writing about the place where you are from, the evolution of Shenandoah, which took 10 years to write and 2 days to record, and the meaning of Redneck Chic.

Show Notes

(3:20) Musical Background

(9:35) Orwin Orioles

(15:00) How do you describe your music?

(17:30) Influences

(20:15) How does place influence your writing?

(26:10) First single, ‘Amen’

(29:00) What is Redneck Chic?

(32:00) Recording Process?

(37:00) Live performances

(41:00) When can we expect to hear the new record?

(44:20) Signing off