this is honestly the weirdest interview I have ever had in my whole life.

special shout out to Kenny Mylennia, “I go by it, I don’t give a fuck what you care…” for conducting this ?SéAnCE?

we are trying our best. you are going to know who we are one day.

we are all libras.

we were born a day apart. they are twins, and we didn’t even meet until we were nineteen. there is something going on..

he keeps asking if we should sell our souls to the devil to become successful


it’s not worth it. two of his kids died man…

Thank God!

do you feel like it’s just your body that is dying or is your soul dying too?

okay, yeah…

I think we are on the same page now.

speaking to that soul, the continuous soul.. people talk about selling theirs or having one or not having one… it’s not really a matter of whether you have it or not have it.. it’s kind of like a sliding continuum .. it grows in strength and it weakens but it never really disappears.

it makes sense. I am just not clear on what the difference between ego and soul is.

because people usually ask us questions like where did you meet.. ?

I prefer this conversation… sometimes they ask us like, “what’s your favorite color”.. this is way better…

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there is some dumb shit like that…

they ask us like… “what’s your favorite music?” like you already know..

yeah… yeah…

that’s cool. yeah…

LA was too clean and too fake…

I saw a guy turning on an intersection and the crossing guard was like trying to stop him… like don’t turn people are walking…

he wasn’t even looking at him…

he had nice sunglasses and a fur coat and..

he had a convertible… and he didn’t give a fuck about the people crossing… and that’s the thing… that’s LA.

it’s just like you go to the beach, and look at pretty shit… that’s pretty much what you do in LA… you look at shit.



if you go anywhere there will be those people.. those people who just look at stuff for the sake of looking at it… you can make connections..

it’s just not as easy as I guess it should be.. but I don’t know..

there are real people walking around everywhere.

the really prestigious ones.. they are always the ones who can’t make cool shit.. they can’t make it.

to me it’s kind of like LA.

You see it. You feel you understand it, you feel you know it’s purpose. Some people misuse it. Some people use it as their identity rather than being part of the cause.

What I am saying is… you can tell a lot about someone by how they associate with the movement, or just how they talk about it.

You could compare it to a religion. You might believe in the principles that are taught in it.. but there are so many people in the world who like… misappropriate it. You don’t want to be associated with them.

that’s what I am talking about..

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I feel like whether those people believe it or not… it’s not exercised as much.. but everyone has both feminine and masculine energy, and some people just straight up deny it.

some people just straight up deny it.

the system is hard because everyone is a part of it whether they like it or not.

some people are more a part of it than others. some people’s everyday.. that’s where they go. they are kind of in that.. the machine part of society.

We are all humans. We are not machines.

the more structured, the more rigid your life becomes, the more mechanical you will seem.

You can sense that energy when you talk to people.

part of what we enjoy so much about.. just not playing music but also touring.. being in all these different places there is less of a routine.

there is something really human about always being on the move.

everyday feels like an adventure. you meet people.

the ones who talk to you. you have conversations.

it is almost easier to talk to strangers.

and just be real with them because..

you are not in a situation where it is expected that you are going to form this long friendship, you know…

you are just going to speak your mind, and going back to the system…

that’s part of our lives. we are in a band.

we love playing music because it puts us so far away from that system.

as far as we possibly could be. there are still connections. we still have to pay money… we still have to go on tour…

it’s a privilege.

after meeting you, I feel like you are someone.. you can’t really label you.

you might have what one would consider a label, but then you will have the exact opposite of it too.

labels only work one way. they do not acknowledge the complexity of a person.

like the pop culture labels.. like not actual words.

they are just preconceived notions of how a person should act.

the more labels you have, the more that will be expected of you

and you don’t want that..

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