Spaceman Zack Interview

‘like chillin’ in the California sun, enveloped in CANNON OG, Music News 360 crossed paths with underground star Spaceman Zack. Sniff below and savour the aroma of our cosmic collision LETSGOCHAMP

The Internet made me a star.. shout out to The Internet for that!

I was born in 1998

I was basically Canadian until 11 or 12 when I moved to Texas

It was so cold dude…

So I don’t really like the snow anymore.. that basically ruined it for me

COVID is the same shit as snow, bro

a lot of my influences are… the people around me were showing me things before I formed an opinion of my own … it all accumulated together, you know …

I have an older brother, he is five years older than me..

everything he did is what I grew up on.. so I grew up on everything being 5 years older than me.. even cartoons and stuff.

I watched the cartoons that he watched.

My mom loved 90s culture. She loved grunge rock.

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My cousin who showed me rap music for the first time is four years older than me. He turned me on to early Wayne and Nelly..

and then when I moved to Texas, my aunt got me into 90s Boom bap rap, super lyrical shit.

she coached me up on Wu-Tang, a tribe called quest, NWA, Jay-Z… all the older shit.

the whole 90s to early 2000s era was beautiful in my eyes …

I try to combine everything that I like …

Cannon OG is a potent cross between Skywalker and OG Kush

I have a lot of purples …

my favorite color is pink …

I think pink is really sad … pink seems like fake happy to me …

pink seems like it is trying to display happy …

a lot of my music is pink … it is like “I’m ok, but not really”

I also feel that a lot my music is a deep red … it is like an aggression, you know

…so I would say pink, purple, red

A true Indica-dominant, this strain is herby with hints of citrus and pine

Yeah, Dauble and I made a song, “Underground” …

he has a cool voice … it’s deep … you know, down here low …

I had a lot of fun with it …

it is slightly different for me, the vibe of it … I experimented with things I normally would not do …

it is dark and has a trap influence …

it is sick as fuck …

we reference how we are both very confident while also having insecurities …

sometimes it is hard to hear, because..

it really is real shit, really..

The awareness for mental health right now …

as a society we are becoming more aware that a lot of people in this world.. not only a select few.. go through tough times and depression and all these issues… and that is okay!

It’s okay to go through things like that..

I think the acceptance, awareness, and general talking about mental health is good..

talking about it…

talking about the subject is super good for humanity, to be honest..

people are being so honest in their music now

that is super cool to me, because.. in my opinion, I love super honest music

that’s why I always try to be super honest with my music

look.. I have had people hit me up and be like..

I found your music recently and whenever I am going through an episode and feel super alone .. to hear someone else talk about the things that I feel.. makes me feel like I am not the only one out here dealing with this..

and it makes things easier… you know?

so.. even if I don’t give them the answer to life..

just hearing that there is another guy out there who feels what I feel..

is at least comforting enough to ease your mind a little bit.. you know?

Nobody wants to feel alone in anything

that’s a really hard thing to go through

like Peep, for example…

I used to listen to him all the time when I was feeling really down

… and I was feeling super alone

Life is a big party that I don’t belong at

Just one line here or there

I would be like “yo! that’s literally happening to me right now..”

It would make me just feel better

high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, ideal for nighttime medication

Especially when you look at someone like that and see…

they feel it and go through the same things I do..

and you are successful too!

you are taking this and using it as fuel to be successful.. it’s inspiring!

this doesn’t have to hold me back.. this can push me forward, just by being honest and accepting and dealing with things, LETSGOCHAMP!

I think that may be a misconception about the whole genre too…

people are like… “you are out here talking like it is cool that I am sad”

they are just missing the point.

I am not bragging that I am sad.. you know?

I am just talking about it so people know it is okay to be sad

I think that is a misconception that a lot of people have..

I am not out here like “if you are not sad, then you are not cool,” you know?

I really want you to be happy. I don’t want you to be sad.

at the end of the day we are all just people

we like what we like

whatever speaks to you is what you should be into

that’s one of the big blessings of the internet

just at the touch of your fingers, having access to anything

to be influenced by anything

even as little as being a part of the conversation.. it’s crazy

without the internet, who knows what would have happened.. ?

the whole DIY.. do it yourself thing

I had a busted laptop and the microphone from the video game Rock Band…

the USB microphone that connects to the PS2

still to this day…

I record with my engineer, his name is J4Y – he fucking is awesome!

he has a spare bedroom in his house…

so we just record in there on a cheap microphone and laptop

we just make it work…you know?

you can do so much with so little now..

we have so much access now.

my new album is coming out..

the entire thing was recorded either in my living room, or his spare bedroom.

the laptop that we record on is so bad and old that ..

if you record too many vocals, the computer crashes… lol

we make it work.

a lot of it is just how experimental you are willing to be.

if you work hard and are determined to do it.. it will happen

“Coke in the Bathroom,” we literally recorded it in my parents’ bathroom

the cool thing about the forthcoming album, my second full album.

set to release January 2021..

I really like storylines.. so for this one.. I was like..

the Wicked album almost came to what it was by accident..

the Wicked storyline shifted a couple of times before we settled on the final one.. until it became what it was.

so for this new album, I tried to come up with the idea for the storyline.. and then write for that idea as I was writing the songs.

instead of being a consistent genre the whole time..

the album jumps around to and from different styles.

and that plays into the whole storyline of it.. also vibes too

one song will be me flexing so hard, talking about how I am the coolest person in the world and… then the next song will be the saddest song you have ever heard in your life…

and then it will jump right back into another flex song, you know?

it toys with your emotions..

oh this is really fun! oh this is really sad.. you know?

we did it kind of on purpose that way.

so the album is basically like..

it’s supposed to represent.. for an artist that is in my lane, you know..

like very honest…

we tried to portray that back and forth of emotions, like…

you can’t ever get a fucking break.

so the album is about the life of a musician and being watched by everybody else..

people taking entertainment from your pain, from your misery

all these people take it and look at it as an entertainment thing… you know?

they are like, “wow, you are so cool!” and on the inside I am like, “not really… I don’t feel good”

so the album portrays a story along those lines…

I’m not doing well but it’s entertaining for people to see me struggle

most of the album is just a battle in my head

like… how do you feel? do you feel good? do you feel bad?

as humans we relate to something and we find it entertaining..

we don’t look deeper into it…

because I do the same thing too!

I think that is just a perspective thing that we have as humans..

making the album taught me to understand that aspect more.. and not be salty about it..

and it is really okay!

You come to grips with the fact you don’t have to feel either good or bad

it was very therapeutic..

you think we can get a Chilis sponsorship?

> tune in, turn on, Music News 360..