Dauble Interview

I feel like I started off this year pretty good.

January, the first week, I released two dark trap songs.

I am releasing my EP soon…

and so many videos

Just recorded a video for “Molly In A Red Room”

I am going to Orlando in March, pretty excited for that…

Then I am going to Cyprus until May

My host family has two exchange students, one girl from Italy and one girl from Germany…

So we are all going to Orlando together.

The Italian exchange student loves Harry Potter…

And you know… I am all about movies… so I couldn’t miss out on that.


What do you mean???

It’s me, the Italian exchange student, the German exchange student, and the host mom…

I am going with them basically.

They’ve been here since September, and it’s been pretty cool, honestly.

I like Harry Potter, but I am not crazy about it…

I want to go to Simpsons, Sponge Bob… go swimming

My music would be the Simpsons…

You know how the Simpsons look like cartoons…

When people listen to my music, they don’t imagine me to look how I look in real life.

People are like, I didn’t expect for you to have that deep a voice.

They don’t really expect me to make dark trap…

One time I went to the mall in Fort Wayne, and there was a recording studio..

I played “Playboy Shades”, and the engineer didn’t believe that I produced the music…

It’s interesting to people.. it’s like different personalities

It differentiates my music from my normal life

Not intentionally by any means…

The music I make is what is going through my head, but not what I look like from the outside

I mean, I am pretty positive and outgoing on the outside, but my music is dark and depressing…

I didn’t want to make a mainstream sound or something basic

that’s not really my thing…

my intention isn’t to confuse people or like make people say ‘what the fuck’

It just came out that way, and I don’t have any problems with it.

The first dark trap song I did was “Playboy Shades”…

My friends were like, “yo this is fire, you got to release it…”

“Underground” was soon after, with Spaceman Zack.

I’m pretty excited for it.

The first time, my friend from Cyprus sent me Spaceman’s music.

I started listening to all of his tracks and everything, and started thinking like, “yo, I really want to make a song with him.”

We kind of became friends on Instagram.

A couple of months later we decided to make a song, and it came out as “Underground”.

Right after that, he did a dark trap EP, so it was like we were both experimenting with the genre.

I am really excited for “Underground” to be released.

Ever since I heard Night Lovell, I’ve been like, this is fire… the production and the melodies.

It’s not something that a lot of people do..

I think about a lot of dark shit, and the sounds in dark trap bring out the energy of my thoughts.

After “Underground”, I switched to dark trap for a while…

I don’t really think about it. It is more about what I feel at the time sounds good, and I just go with that.

I feel like depression is something that needs to be talked about, and I have personally dealt with it for a long time.

Ever since I started high school, I had a lot of problems, whether with my ex girlfriends or friends, and that kind of affected me in a way…

that’s where it comes from.. and I started listening to that kind of music.

Lil Peep, Night Lovell… I mean, lyrics are so important.

when I first came to the US, I was 16, and I didn’t know anybody. I left my family and my friends to come to school.

It was a lot of mixed feelings. It is hard at times, and the music really helps me express that in a way.

In a sense, people can relate to it.

Depression and anxiety is being talked about more. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of, or anyone’s fault.

All the songs I write are real. Everything I have been through and the way I see things. That’s why I started music in the first place because it is a way of expressing myself.

I don’t really like to worry anyone else, or that kind of stuff…

In the end, I usually keep all that stuff to myself, and that’s how it comes out in the music.

I had some really close friends.

Last summer we used to party all the time. That’s when I wrote Party Monster.

After that, though, we ended up on bad terms.

The things that happened were really unfair to me, and everything got really out of control.

I came to the realization that whoever cares about me, cares about me… and whoever doesn’t care about me can fuck off.

I have been really nice for the most part, but I have come to the point where I see what is going on…

I don’t really want to be the nice guy anymore. I just want to be me. Whoever accepts it, accepts it… and whoever doesn’t can fuck off!

It would definitely be red… that shows throughout all my art.

Red is an interesting color to me because it shows anger and pain..

Even in my room, I keep my lights, keyboard, and mouse red… even my jewelry is red, it is kind of crazy.

I even have a song called ‘Molly In A Red Room’

It was my room… the red room.

Coming from Cyprus that is where I tried it first.

After I tried it, it was really mind blowing. It was nothing like I had ever done.

Imagine the happiest you have ever been… times 10!

It helped me change my perspective. I started to see things in a more positive way.

When I came to the US, no one had it.

I went to a rave, and some of my friends got it… we found a source.

It can really change your perspective.

Most of my video ideas have come from times when I have been on Molly.

Everything looks like a .gif

If you keep doing it, you stop feeling it… so you can’t do it too often.

I never abuse it or anything, but it helped me realize a bunch of different things about myself.

I am not promoting drugs or anything, but I would recommend trying it at least once.

Everything that annoys you or makes you feel bad about yourself… it all just fades away.

I don’t really like acid… it is too unstable and lasts a long time.

The last time we did it, we went outside and the sky looked purple and kept changing colors…

One time when I was on acid, Spaceman Zack facetimed me… it felt like a movie.

Then there have been a couple of other times when I have done it, and I was trapped in a dark head space the whole time…

If you are going to try acid, I would encourage you to be in a good state of mind, for sure.

Yeah, I came to the realization that I don’t want to worry about other people’s emotions the whole time. I need to worry about myself.

That’s what the Fake Friends song is about..

So if you listen to them all closely, you can make out what happened.

You know… you think someone cares, you do this or that for someone, and then they just drop you.

People just care about themselves and what they gain from a situation, without caring about other people’s feelings.

They don’t see other people’s perspective in any way.

It’s sad because I feel… it’s a lot better for people to be mindful of one another’s perspectives.

Some people just want what you have, rather than you, in general. That’s really the problem.

Everyone knows how driven I am when it comes to music… and it can be hard to see whether others care about me, or just care about what I do.

It becomes hard to tell who is real and who is not.

That’s why it has been important to me to have really close friends beforehand…

You know… people want the attention. people want the knowledge. people want the comfort of being with someone who is doing good, so they don’t have to worry about themselves. It depends on the individual.

It’s good and bad.

People have really lost touch with true friendships and real connection.. a lot of it has to do with social media.

Before you had Instagram, you had to actually talk with people and connect. Have conversations, you know?

On the other hand, we have access to everything. I wouldn’t have been able to do music if it weren’t for social media.

I really don’t know where the world is going to be honest. It’s been really weird with COVID.

There are, for sure, some evil people in the world.

Some people only think about themselves. They only want what they want, regardless of the consequences.

The new music is so next level. I am trying new ways of singing and rapping. New cadences on the flow.

Every track I release is getting more and more attention.

I see myself developing an original sound, not mimicking anybody

Be happy. People come and go. Try your best. Worry about yourself. Don’t give a fuck about all the other things going on. To make other people happy, you need to be happy first. That’s what I have learned on my artist quest.

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