Liz Cooper Interview

Liz Cooper Interview

Music News 360° caught up with Liz Cooper ahead of her show at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA. We discussed the importance of not taking life too seriously, how the band once avoided a highway shoot out, the ever present influence of Jerry Garcia, and a possible collaboration with Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes. Listen below to hear our full conversation. 

Show Notes

(1:50) What’s your spirit animal?

(3:50) What’s your astrological sign?

(4:00) If you had to describe your music as a texture, what would it be?

(5:00) Is your music the beach, the mountains, or the desert?

(5:25) What sparked your interest in music?

(7:45) How did you develop your finger picking style?

(8:50) Who is your least obvious influence?

(10:30) Who is your favorite guitarist of all time? 

(11:50) What would be your ultimate guitar rig?

(13:35) How would your music be different if you had moved to a city other than Nashville?

(15:55) What up and coming bands in Nashville would you recommend we keep an ear out for?

(17:15) What’s the meaning of Window Flowers?

(18:25) The arrangements on Window Flowers have a nice sense of space? 

(20:15) You’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with some fairly large acts like Lord Huron and Phosphorescent. What have you learned from sharing the stage with them?

(22:25) What’s the strangest experience you’ve had on tour?  

(25:45) Do you and the band have rituals to help pass the time while in the van?

(26:45) What do you think your next album will sound like?

(28:20) Brittany Howard has said she is a big fan of your. Do you think you two will collaborate in the future?

(28:50) If you could leave the world with only one message, what would it be?